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¿Estás buscando recursos para aprender inglés gratis?  No te pierdas este episodio en el que David y yo hablamos de un montón de recursos, unos muy conocidos, pero otros no tanto. Seguro que te son muy útiles. No te lo pierdas.

Como en otras ocasiones, te recomiendo que, antes de escuchar leas el vocabulario de abajo para que no te pierdas en el audio, sobre todo si tu nivel de inglés no es muy alto.



Ideas mentioned in this podcast

  • Question of the day (from Antonio, in Valencia): what are the best resources to learn English for free - 0:45
  • Before you decide your recourses, try to focus on the things that you love – 01:35
  • Always start by listening to the language a lot (instead of looking for written resources) - 3:18
  • Think of babies and how they learn a language: listening to their parents’ mother tongue for years - 04:37
  • The best online dictionaries you can use for different needs and situations – 06:35
  • Grammarly, a Google chrome tool to help correct your own writing while using a computer, surfing on the Internet, etc - 09:07
  • Simple English Wikipedia, an adapted version of the original Wikipedia that is designed to help English learners – 09:45
  • Voice of America Learning English: an American newspaper with audio recordings of the different news and adapted difficulty levels - 10:52
  • Graded Readers or Penguin Readers: adapted literature divided by level so you can read and listen to the audio that comes with the books (this is paid) - 12:00
  • Lyrics Training: a website to help you learn English by listening to songs and learning with their lyrics - 14:00
  • Rong chang: a website full of simple English recordings to listen to by level - 14:55
  • Ingles Podcast: a brilliant English podcast created by two popular British teachers: Craig and Reza, from La Mansión del Inglés - 16:45
  • Luke’s English Podcast: a comedian turned English teacher who records a very entertaining and didactic podcast show- 17:42
  • TED Talks: a classic. One of the most famous institutions when it comes to promoting learning, science and innovation in the world. Full of videos with subtitles - 18:22
  • BBC Learning English Drama: a programme by the BBC which analyses English theatre and literature to teach grammar and vocabulary - 19:20
  • Lingorado: a website to help you learn the phonetics of English words and texts, in both American and British English - 20:06
  • Why “guiris” sound so funny whenever they try to speak Spanish - 21:55
  • HelloTalk and Tandem: social networks to help you find native speakers online so you can practise the language live through voice message, texting, video call, etc - 24:00
  • Comunidad Intercambio Skype and My Language Exchange: both directories allow you to publish a post to look for native language partners and find a person who wants to practise Spanish and help you with your English - 25:45
  • Some advice on how to connect with someone online and find the right person - 28:32
  • The best way to improve your writing is having to write/text real people because you will try your best, will pay attention to the words you use, will try to avoid making mistakes, etc - 30:00
  • Hi Native: a community that lets you ask questions to native speakers and get them answered - 30:55